Tulsa Innovation Labs is establishing Tulsa’s tech niche.

Recognizing that the jobs of the future are rooted in a thriving innovation economy, Tulsa Innovation Labs LLC (TIL) was founded to develop a city-wide strategy that positions Tulsa as a tech hub and leader in the future of work.

Through a diverse coalition of public and private partners, led by George Kaiser Family Foundation, TIL is creating economic development programs that seek to make Tulsa the nation’s most inclusive tech community.

We are guided by a core set of principles:

  • Follow the Data
  • Align with Industry
  • Target Investments
  • Grow Organically
  • Create Economic Mobility

TIL worked with McKinsey & Company to identify specific tech clusters with high-growth opportunities in Tulsa. In close collaboration with key stakeholders, we will translate our industry analyses into a suite of new programming. These high-impact programs will be curated to catalyze growth in priority industries and will support startups, spur academic innovation, and develop local talent.

Join us and get involved at: https://www.tulsainnovationlabs.com