Providing equal opportunity to all children requires a vibrant and inclusive environment where opportunity is abundant. By making Tulsa a better place to live, work and visit, GKFF® attracts new business and talent that, in turn, creates new jobs, supports economic growth and helps promote a safer, more prosperous environment for children and families.

Teach for America, City Year and GKFF fellowship programs welcome hundreds of talented young people to Tulsa each year.

Gathering Place has been named the largest gift to a public park in U.S. history.

GKFF has invested over $100 million in Tulsa’s Arts District since 2009.


A beautiful and vibrant city helps retain the young people who will become Tulsa’s future leaders. It communicates that Tulsa takes pride in its community and values those who make meaningful contributions to securing its future and helping its citizens enjoy a high quality of life.


GKFF’s arts initiatives make Tulsa an inspired and interesting place to live and work. The Foundation’s investments in Tulsa’s Arts District and Greenwood neighborhood create an environment where artists can flourish.


To create a civic culture that supports equal opportunity for all children, Tulsa must be in a strong state of economic health. GKFF creates unique public spaces that attract visitors and promote a feeling of inclusivity in our city. The Foundation also supports programs that assemble the best and brightest minds in Tulsa to work on innovative solutions to address community challenges.


GKFF neighborhood development initiatives build communities that create opportunities. Foundation investments in Kendall Whittier and North Tulsa attract visitors, cultural events, thriving businesses and foster a strong sense of community.


A Gathering Place for Tulsa Groundbreaking

A Gathering Place for Tulsa Groundbreaking

Teach for America

Teach for America

Learn more about what makes Teach for America and Tulsa the perfect match.