GKFF’s arts initiatives make Tulsa an inspired and interesting place to live and work. The Foundation’s investments in Tulsa’s Arts District and Greenwood neighborhood create an environment where artists can flourish.

In 2015, GKFF established the Tulsa Artist Fellowship (TAF) to further enhance the growing and diverse art scene in Tulsa and recruit national talent.

In partnership with the University of Tulsa, GKFF acquired The Bob Dylan Archive in 2016 to bring the collection of more than 6,000 items spanning nearly 60 years to Tulsa.


A vibrant cultural community is both an indicator and catalyst of a great city. GKFF® believes that grant making, artist support programs, and infrastructure development can help Tulsa attract and retain talent and spur economic progress. Through these efforts, GKFF hopes to bring more opportunity to Tulsa and communities in need.


GKFF collaborates with a variety of community partners to bring exciting and diverse programming, public events and festivals to the city.

Guthrie Green

Guthrie Green, a vibrant urban park and entertainment space in the center of Tulsa’s Arts District, emerged out of neighborhood visioning sessions in 2009. The community needed a green space for cultural events and casual leisure. Guthrie Green’s robust programming schedule includes weekly concerts, food trucks, fitness classes, movie nights, festivals and much more. GKFF is committed to providing all events at Guthrie Green free of charge to the public. Accommodating visitors looking for a peaceful escape or family activities, the park features a state-of-the-art performance stage, a pavilion with a café, tree-lined paths, shade structures, water features and a large lawn. Guthrie Green is the heartbeat of downtown Tulsa and showcases the diverse people and artistic talents of the city.


The Bob Dylan Archive

In 2016, GKFF and The University of Tulsa (TU) acquired The Bob Dylan Archive. The Archive is permanently housed in Tulsa, under the stewardship of TU’s Helmerich Center for American Research. Comprised of more than 6,000 items spanning nearly 60 years of Bob Dylan’s unique artistry, singular career and worldwide cultural significance, the archive includes decades of never-before-seen handwritten manuscripts, notebooks and correspondence; films, videos, photographs and artwork; memorabilia and ephemera; personal documents and effects; unreleased studio and concert recordings; musical instruments and many other items. The Mathews Building will provide a permanent exhibit space for The Archive in Tulsa’s Arts District, which houses a museum dedicated to American folksinger and Oklahoma native Woody Guthrie. Guthrie was one of Dylan’s most significant early influences, even inspiring one of Dylan’s first tracks, “Song to Woody,” on his 1962 self-titled album.


Woody Guthrie Center

In 2011, GKFF purchased the Woody Guthrie Archives from Woody Guthrie Publications in New York and opened The Woody Guthrie Center (WGC). The 12,000-square-foot center features state-of-the-art, interactive exhibits on Guthrie’s life, art and creative legacy. The center is home to Guthrie’s comprehensive archives, including the original, handwritten version of Guthrie’s landmark anthem, “This Land is Your Land,” which is available for viewing at the center. As an educational facility, the center provides resources to students, teachers and academics about Woody’s important role in American history and his advocacy for social justice. WGC is located in Tulsa’s Arts District and attracts 26,000 world-wide fans each year.

Tulsa Artist Fellowship

With GKFF’s strong belief that the arts are essential to a diverse and engaged city; Tulsa Artist Fellowship (TAF) was established in 2015 as a program dedicated to addressing the most pressing challenges in artistic communities and serving as a globally recognized model for mobilizing communities with the transformative power of art. TAF is committed to fostering an equitable environment where a diverse and inclusive community of artists and arts workers have the opportunity to thrive professionally. The Fellowship began with an inaugural group of visual artists, then quickly expanded to include contemporary artists of all kinds. Today, TAF supports over 50 fellows with a variety of contemporary arts practices. These fellows work, live and create in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Tulsa Awards for Theatre Excellence

The Tulsa Awards for Theatre Excellence recognizes and rewards up to $10,000 in prizes to, nonprofit, non-equity theatre companies operating in the city of Tulsa. Supported by GKFF, these awards foster broad-based community recognition for Tulsa’s burgeoning theatre scene and reward local theatre groups’ contributions to the city’s artistic vibrancy.