At the core of the Foundation is a drive to create an environment where every family, no matter their background, has an opportunity to succeed.

GKFF® uses evidence-­based practices to tackle the most pressing problems in our community, often through importing proven national programs.  We recognize that the challenges we deal with are complex and require constant review and evaluation.

GKFF works by leveraging a wide array of resources, both public and private, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young children in Tulsa.

We seek to promote the values and practices of diversity, equity and inclusion in our workforce, our community and in our initiatives.


We believe in the power of privately-funded innovation and oversight, coupled with public support, for the scaling and replication of proven programs.


Research and proven strategies inform our decisions on where we allocate the most resources and make significant investments.


We partner with national foundations and organizations with proven models of effectiveness to bring the best resources to Tulsa families.

About George B. Kaiser

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