In order to sustain the highest levels of social service in Tulsa, GKFF provides financial support through annual grants to a wide variety of local service agencies that supply health care, housing, education and food to those most in need.

GKFF awards more than six million dollars to Tulsa-based social service agencies each year.

GKFF provides annual support to more than 100 Tulsa-based health, education and human service agencies.


 There are tens of thousands of children and families in Tulsa who are in need of basic services—food, health care, shelter and education. GKFF makes it a priority to support nonprofits who serve those most in need.


GKFF’s support of Tulsa’s social service agencies helps to address some of the many challenges facing families living in poverty.

Social Service Safety Net

GKFF Social Service Safety Net grants are directed to nonprofits who serve Tulsans in need of food, shelter, clothing, youth development, health care, mental health and trauma services. In addition to direct support, this process helps GKFF identify new areas of focus, particularly where Tulsa is performing measurably worse than comparable cities. Through the Foundation’s investments in these focus areas, GKFF becomes familiar with local organizations and develops cross-sector collaborative and innovative methods to further enhance or expand services for Tulsa children and families who are most in need.