Every child deserves

an equal opportunity.

George Kaiser Family Foundation

3 days agoGKFFGKFF @gkff.@gttulsa partners with Talent Development to support schools and helps students succeed. https://t.co/OklPjTxLp9 https://t.co/0dbfyJCTkM Reply Retweet Like
3 days agoGKFFGKFF @gkff“No child is responsible for the circumstances of his or her birth." Why we do what we do: https://t.co/FS00hirt4E https://t.co/6wsGiu4KRZ Reply Retweet Like


Tulsa is a land of opportunity. A generous and welcoming community, this city is not bound by traditional conventions. George Kaiser Family Foundation is dedicated to making Tulsa the best city for children to be born, grow and succeed.