Every child deserves

an equal opportunity.

George Kaiser Family Foundation

6 days agoGKFFGKFF @gkffWhy is Tulsa the best city in America to do Teach for America? #ChooseTulsa and find out! https://t.co/PfWtthZHXi Reply Retweet Like
1 week agoGKFFGKFF @gkffFrom @GatherTulsa to the Tulsa @TulArtsDist, we believe in providing places for Tulsa to grow as a community. More: https://t.co/0u2ZBErO44 https://t.co/qMlPlPXgds Reply Retweet Like
2 weeks agoGKFFGKFF @gkffBEST (n): The Birth through Eight Strategy for Tulsa; A comprehensive, continuous and integrated approach that focuses on families to help break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Learn more: https://t.co/EWWxZAt2RF https://t.co/vHeqFyOd1C Reply Retweet Like


Tulsa is a land of opportunity. A generous and welcoming community, this city is not bound by traditional conventions. George Kaiser Family Foundation is dedicated to making Tulsa the best city for children to be born, grow and succeed.